In our previous article, we went from “Who Translates 300 Books?” to musician, artist, producer, author, and businessman with SaySaga Inspirational, Selim Yeniceri.

I interviewed Selim Yeniceri and asked, “Which title do you like the best, when referring to yourself?”

And he answered, without delay,

I prefer to describe myself as an ‘all-around art person.’

If you ask me if I like describing myself this way, I would say that I’ve never known anything else, as far back as I can remember.

Selim used to draw endless amounts of horse sketches at age three. He formulated the anatomy of a horse in geoemetric form and in any pose desired. Using rectangles and sticks, he then made the horses jump, run or stand. It was the first time that Selim remembers develping a life-long affinity to animals.

At age eight or nine, Selim immersed himself reading zoologogy encyclopedias speaking of animal life as his selected readings, as if they were a novel. He dreamed of writing his own 300-page novel, too.


Image Courtesy Radyocular.com


The transition from being an artist to a writer came through the doorway of being a good story-teller.

Beginning at age eight, Selim wasn’t watching cartoons. He was an actor on children’s shows.

That wasn’t all.

When it wasn’t summertime holiday, Turkish Radio and Television, TRT was Selim’s venue (See building above).

To give you an idea of the role TRT played in Turkey, singer Zeki Muren was a classical Turkish music star, internationally beloved, who attended TRT for weekly radio shows.

In Turkey, all LIVE radio shows went out directly from TRT’s site, broadcast to the entire country.

Everyone who was anyone showed up here to sing or act. It was THE place to be.


Selim Yeniceri is likened to a  Turkish version child prodigy like American Mickey Roonie.

During the early-1980’s, TRT there were three radio stations:
  1. TRT – TV, radio, and theatre. This was the only TV station in the country. For a historic perspective, television was introduced to Turkey in the early 1970’s.
  2. “Police” FM – popular music. Amazingly, tt was financed by members of the police force.
  3. “FM” Radio – disco, pop, hard rock music. This was Selim’s favorite, of course.

With a school year schedule on the theatre stage six days/week for two years, Selim also was on radio.

Thus, on the seventh day of the week, Selim read radio scripts for children’s and adult radio theatre, upwards of 200 shows.

He remembers nonchalantly being handed his script for review, and the producer would walk away.

By the time he returned, Selim would have read the whole script!

Incredulously, producer Vedat Demirci would ask, “You read the whole thing?”

Selim was very honest, answering,

Not the page numbers.


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