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“I am the storm” is a “frequently-used” poem.

About a year ago, I first happened across it on my Pinterest Board. Here it is:


When I read it
I almost immediately thought
that the essence
was forged from brimstone
in a firey place of untethered resolve.

~ Dr. Margaret Aranda


I loved it. It congealed with “The Rebel Patient” that I have become. And I know that it speaks to many people. I told my friend, Selim Yeniceri, about it. I said,

“This is you!”


More later. Just absorb the poem.

And see if you think a storm is brewing here.

(Coming Soon! 3 New Books: Dream Tiger, The Rebel Patient and a surprise book)


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She’s very popular as a concept in today’s climate. Go figure.


Go be a storm.

Pursue your dreams.

Be relentless.


~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading my writings.

Stay tuned for 3 more parts to this story.

You know I like sequels.

Happy Day!