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This is to show you the results of reading and following all 5 of my previous posts, and to show you my results (for the critics):

  1. Why to use good social media pictures
  2. Pick a picture
  3. Insert & credit picture
  4. Quote, Pablo, Buff, 
  5. 5 Secrets: “View Analytics” discussed here.
Here’s an example of a simple Tweet just sent out 2 days ago:


I also have a few more hints to show how I reached 1.1 million potential outreach.

 🎀 🎀 🎀   But you need to catch up first!   🎀 🎀 🎀

Use all the tools I showed you, then Tweet me your positive Quotes to others:


#1. This is the starting image.

#2. I inserted the Image Credit using a link. It’s from my friend Gopalakrishna K.P. on Google+ (better than Googling a picture ~ get one from your favorite photographer! ~ and that’s Secret #6!).

#3, #4. This is my quote that I put on this pic (see below), using Pablo.com.

#5. Secret: Don’t forget to look at Analytics that show you are doing the right things.

Great Joy to all My Caring Friends!

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

… take a good look at how you can change the world, one smile at a time!


Special Mention!
Lovin’ friends and fellow “Twitterers” @SelimYeniceri @sherrig108 @JETAR9, too!

No one who succeeded at doing anything in life did it on their own.

Showing Gratitude at times of Success is Paramount.

“I Could not have Done this Without You!”

Thank you!

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

So I give credit and applause to those sweet people out there who selflessly Give & Give!

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Let’s get great lovin’ messages out to All Our Caring Friends!

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