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 by Dr Margaret Aranda

Writer’s Challenge

 Dr Margaret Aranda’s Memoir Madness: Ages 1 – 31  

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Here’s my Memoir Madness Age 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was my Father. I knew him. I had no fear. 

My Father held me, the scent of cologne feeling permeating my brain such that I can still close my eyes and smell it. There. I can do it now.  
I know he is gone, but it’s almost like he is just next door, always there. His arms were strong,
his hands with long gentle fingers that played “Two Guitars” on the piano.
Get it?
“Two guitars” playing on “one piano?”
That was his feeling sense of humor.

“If it makes you smile,” he said, “it was still a good joke.”

~My Dad, Salvador Manuel Aranda (1935 – 2006)
Summertime offers beamed into my  grandma’s from San Antonio family. La Paloma Restaurant still echoes in my blood. The smell  of coffee and bacon emanated in my nose, and the electric percolator gurgled and puckered its congenial hellos to my ears. My big family crammed into the room that hummed with conversation here, there giggles shouts and squeals joy peppered here and there.
Nutty children were just being children, running about boisterously slamming the doors just as all kids do. I still remember who was there…it is because I looked down on everyone. 
I could sit up straight, and my curly light  brown hair was tossed all about in freedom. I did not care about anything except my Father. He announced, “Watch!” while my Mother stood simply horrified. No, she was mortified!
My Dad told all to relax. She just stared at us.

“I did not care.”  

~Dr Margaret Aranda
      I just could not wait! I closed my eyes and imagined little I could fly! And then … slowly …. it StartEd ….
Age 1: Baby in the Sky for Father's Day
Image 1.  Up! Up! Up!   I tried with all of my might to hold still. I was a frozen smile.
                                                  Now, I was sitting in my Father’s hand.

Slowly, ever so deliberately and, as I was sitting on the edge of my Father’s hand, he lifted me up. He lifted me up! and Up! and Up! and UPPP! We went straight up to the ceiling, his hand and I

in perfect unison and symphonic harmony.
I closed my eyes for this style dance, and held in the mightiest burst of exclamations,
just as tight as I could. Up! Up!
I went again, dreaming of everything and dreaming of nothing.
I was On The Edge, suspended.
At his command, I Reached UP to the eyes of a magician’s audience, and slowly,
deliberately touched …. I …. I … I touched …the ceiling!

Those moments in time with my Dad,

I learned everything I needed to know about life and love.


~Dr Margaret Aranda 
That was where I was going to stay. I had no fear.  
My Father would hold on to me,  just like always.  
I could do this. Together with him, I knew we could do it.  
Slowly, I begged to fly by as I held out both arms for balance. 
My arms remained still as a rock, but in my imagination,
I was a bird! High … above the clouds! 
I straightened my back. I held my breath, and wonderfully magnificently
My heartbeat pulsated, rocking Rapidly upon my neck.
The security and the freedom, the dichotomy of the safety and the danger
They entranced my mind to no end.
My Father had me.  
He was my Father.  
I knew it was him, and …

“I had no fear.”

~Dr Margaret Aranda
The End
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~ For Father’s Day and for Always, I love you, Daddy!

          ….. Thank you for giving me the wings to just dare. 

You are always with me and in my essence. 
For always and forever.
I love you.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poetic Inspiration

by Victoria Lewin, Author of Caitlin’s List

A baby in the sky

She’ll be the apple of her daddy’s eye

Golden locks & eyes pure blue

A miracle from heaven for me & you

Sent to earth with Gods great plan

To ease the suffering of her fellow man

She’ll fill their hearts with strength and love

Pure white light sent from above.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank You to Victoria Lewin, Author: You give the biggest gift ~ inspiration to keep writing boldly. 

That’s a great and fantastic gift. Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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