/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /

There is just no way to say

How I feel this moment stray

Bungled bewildered tropical tan

Seagulls ribbed feet tossing the sand

Moments, Sippy-Cups, naps and illness all coming to an end.

I need to tell people as that is my job

We have a bee laying praying without a sob

She is ready to go after fighting too long

She needed to make sure her babies ran along

She planned her funeral, posted a long dedication pictures songs.


Strength moments.

Ready to go awfully quiet style

I may not be myself for a while

So I’m sorry to let you know that we have a dying bee.

Time not to anciently borrow

Love now maybe no tomorrow

I help her help herself

Ready excuse onesself

Open one door to the galaxies and stars of our God.


She takes comfort in my words, I know

I need to flourish her heart, melt to grow

So let his girl, this baby girl of mine

Leave this earth for once this time

Sleepy no sorrow no pain love abounding wings flapping.


As she never really could buzz

But she was here still amongst us

Shining through shadows and tears galore

When now eternity solar eclipse full forevermore

We cherish each moment left life smiles love you all the way to heaven.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dedicated to #MyBabyGirl #MandiPandi

a mummy

a warrior

a Lymie

a star.

     screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-2-50-12-amSo deserving of so much more than I could ever give you.

Image Courtesy NASA.gov