I agree 100% that the patient:physician relationship isn’t just a “relationship” ~ it’s a “bond.” Hence, the “:” that links the two together is a ratio, a mathematic symbol to denote a 1:1 denotation. Just like mother:daughter and parent:child and husband:wife….need I go on? No one wants suicide ~ I think that cutting off needed opioids in this manner is unethical; suicide in this scenario is indeed predictable. And what a crying shame. That’s why I’ve re-blogged it here.



THIS IS A TRUE STORY (PICTURE ISN’T OF THE ACTUAL PEOPLE) Just received a phone call from a sobbing 54 year old Anita in New Jersey.  Her initial response to my return of her voice mail was t…

Source: A Wife’s Cries for Help on a Sunday Afternoon … And a Message for Chris Christie