How are You Aging?


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When my grandmother died of diabetes, she was getting dialysis three days a week. I swore that I would never get diabetes and five years ago, I was given the diagnosis of Pre-diabetes.

This is what I did: see here.



WordPress is for Writers


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I have several blogs. And I’m a writer.

But no one told me that WordPress is for writers and they have the “Press This” option to easily share another WordPress author’s work. So I’m encouraging writers, bloggers, researchers, and authors to consider joining millions who take their content and put it on a well-respected site that enables Sharing.

Because it’s not good enough to just write. People have to see it.

Check out  WordPress packages, and of course, the basic package is free.

The JetPack lets you launch social media icons for Sharing, and a host of website features like sidebars, links, and images.

Are you pressable? If you’re not sure, you definitely want to be sure at

Oh, and don’t forget to Jump for Joy!

Chronic Metabolic Syndrome is Killing US

Don’t wait for something bad to happen to you. Best to read this short article now. I wrote it for you.

Source: Chronic Metabolic Syndrome is Killing US

You are Awesome & Amazing!


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I see how you cheer up others, even when you fight your own battles. You know that:


And with all the many voices in the world, I see that you know how to:

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.46.09 AM

I see you struggle but the overpowering thing is that you know how to:

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.45.44 AM

So I just wrote this little note to tell you of my recent discovery today:
Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.43.46 AM

~ ~ ~



Dr. Margaret Aranda

SaySaga Inspirational Books, Music & Art Production & Advertising, Ltd.


Not all Disabilities are Visible

Source: Not all Disabilities are Visible

The History & Use of #MyCaringFriends


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“My Caring Friends” is what I’ve been calling you long before I even knew what a #Hashtag was!

I’ve been using it on Facebook when talking about my friends that are there with me through thick and thin. They don’t judge or get offended. They just listen and love.

So I turned it into a hashtag #MyCaringFriends or #mycaringfriends about one year ago. Today, if you Google “My Caring Friends and Dr. Margaret Aranda” one gets 2.5 pages of hits, and it fills a full page of Twitter and blog images, a pretty sight here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 3.37.06 PM

We recognize authors Carlos Aranda of Conversations with God and Victoria Lewin with daughter Caitlin, of Caitlin’s Wish. Both authors and books are setting great sights for 2017! How about you?

I’m inviting you to our Twitterland – and here are some hints for your success and growth on Twitter! After all, in just two weeks, the 2nd half of 2017 will be starting, and it’s going by fast! By the time the year 2018 rolls around, we want to see success! To get there, here’s your motivation and inspiration:

5 Ways to Hook Up with #MyCaringFriends

  1. Hashtags

Use hashtag #MyCaringFriends or #mycaringfriends to contribute Tweets, find inspiration, motivational songs, and even prayer. @TheRebelPatient is a rebel, so she talks about things other people can’t really talk about, so feel free to Tag her by a Mention in your Tweets, @TheRebelPatient.

First, use our Team Hashtag, #MyCaringFriends or #mycaringfriends in your Tweets. And if you do a Search, just type in the hashtag to see all the cool inspiration for authors, musicians, artists, spoonies, medicine, and the whole basket!

2. Mention for Mention

If I Tag you in a Tweet, that takes my time. I’m Mentioning you as a Tag. But I’m really thinking about you and sending you Followers. I’m promoting you to others, too. If I take the time to Tag you on a Tweet, please kindly acknowledge me, as this is Engagement. You can either:

a. Say “Thank You for the Mention” or

b. Better yet, just Mention me in your next Tweet! Then I’ll return RT for RT! Isn’t that Sweet?

It’s a great rule for you to Follow our Team, as a representative from you as an author, genre, invisible illnesses, or your niche. I just want to teach you (don’t be offended): Mention for Mention, and Follow for Follow.  

Follow For Follow

My Caring Friends like to Follow for a “Follow Back” and you can see that I Follow virtually everyone in the world who Follows me (no porn, etc.) If they speak another language, I “Follow Back” by also doing a “Mute” so I don’t view a non-English writing on my Home page. But lots of people who speak a foreign language also understand English. And they send me tons of Followers. Hey! they have lots of authors and disabled people. too. 

When I was new to Twitter, someone chided me for not Following him back in 3 days, and WoW – I looked it up and took a Twitter course…. and he was right. So I check all my Twitters every 3 days and Follow for Follow. I do it all by hand, no app. I like to see who is Following. I’m just curious!

BTW you can Follow all your Followers on your cell phone – it’s much faster, but don’t go too fast or Follow more than 200/day so Twitter won’t lock you out for a time ;0.

3. Growing your Account Followers

If we write a blog that we can Tweet, then we need to Share it on Twitter. I use this to spread information and increase awareness. It’s a powerful outreach that can not be underestimated. So if you see your name in a list of 9 others in a Picture that I Tweeted to you, please open it up and Follow everyone who is listed in the Photo. 

4. ReTweets (RT)

My time is valuable and I’m not one to SPAM – I also wrote a blog, “Tell It Like I’m 5: What’s SPAM?”  – I will not send you more than 6 Mentions or Tweets a day. 

That is, unless you say,

“Tag me on anything, anytime, and I’ll Re-Tweet whatever you send me!” 

– That’s such a great thing to hear from My Caring Friends! I love that! And I’m here for you the same way. If I don’t RT whatever you Tag me in, no worries, okay? No one expects that you HAVE to RT a Mention. It’s all light and airy!

Feel free to Mention me on whatever you want – I’ll try to Re-Tweet (RT) it even if it’s not ‘for me’ but for the benefit of my Followers.

~ ~ ~

Inviting you to Follow & Mention Us in Different Genres

A. @themdphdisin – scientific, serious. We tweet our own scientific articles from here:  

B. @DrMargareAranda – books, authors, writing, music – from here:

C. @MediBasket – inspiration, quotes, books, music, art, recipes, crafts too, from here: Perseverance: YOU Be that One in a Million!

D. @SpoonieRoomies – the spoonie life, relationships, chronic life, invisible illness, disability

E. @FightForYourDx – medical concerns, fighting for a diagnosis

5. I’m Editor-in-Chief at SaySaga Inspirational Publishing

Follow us:

A. @SaySagaInspire – publishing company: books, music, choreography, videos, book trailers

B. @SelimYeniceri – the owner, Quantum Coach, the most powerful Twitter account of all listed

C. @BookMusicArtist – we love music as music decreases pain and depression by 20 – 25% and it’s FREE lol (Gotta insert a FLIP in the air for that one!)!


Music is free and it decreases chronic pain, anxiety, depression and helps insomnia, mood, and vitality! Studies show it!

It may be overwhelming, but no worries. This time next year, let’s get you more Twitter Followers and drive more traffic to your website.

Remember to actually read my articles and not just RT them lol. And never pretend you read them when you didn’t lol – but I know you’d never do that!

I’m really liking what you do, and am happy to promote you.

And let’s talk to one another through #MyCaringFriends because,

I know you care.

( And Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers! Especially for those mommies without their babies, we know it can be a difficult time for you – special prayers  and a BIG ((HUG)) going out!)

Keep Your Dreams – Announcement


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~ ~ ~

Encouraging you this Monday to do all the things you need to do

to make your dreams come true.

~ ~ ~

Special Note to #MyCaringFriends:

I’ll be writing for SaySaga Inspiration from now on


So please follow me over there, too as we bring you inspiration for

#authors #writers #musicians #poets #artists #readers

#selfhelp #IAmTheStorm #mindfulness #spirituality #God

#parenting #life #motivation

Follow me on Twitter







“Keep your dreams, even if you are the only one who sees them.”


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I Don’t Know where the Train Tracks Lead


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About two days ago, I received unofficial word that Tate will end up keeping any and all money made from any book sales. Reportedly, they are not paying Amazon and other vendors for services. This is just the word. I have not confirmed it. Of course, I’m not going to call them. Reportedly, it is very difficult to have someone answer their phone.

I’m not going to get in a huff about this.
I’m going to remain composed and logical.


I’ll just keep smiling in a classy sort of way,
Plugging like a locomotive snow train sort of day.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

Onward & Forward We Go!

I’ve been marketing my own books, together with a group of lovely Twitter friends who I respect and admire (so many to include, and I just can’t do it, but thank you to all!). And I know authors struggle, in general, anyway, and I promised to keep people informed, as I was informed. So that is what I am doing.

I was adjusting to this news until now,

and have not made any changes in what I am doing.

But probably within a couple of days,

I will stop Tweeting on my own books and instead,

I’ll ‘save’ Tweet collections as in a “Moment”

on each of my Twitter profiles.

Yes, I am sad about seeing my work get invisibly cut away from me in what seems to be an uncertain future. But … you know that I am a very positive person and I do hope that the future will be brighter. Somehow, someway, this has to all be a part of God’s plan for my life.belle

After all, when I think about it, I remember that my quarterly checks from Tate Publishing were, like,  $0.35.

Yes, it was less than the cost of a stamp. SO…

What can you do? Lots, actually, ranging from A – Z.

Personally, and for the moment, this is what I say:

“Oh, Well…” and I push on, toward the light.

As discussed in the original article on “What Happened to Tate Publishing?” I will keep you informed. My personal goal? To have my grandchildren hold my books in their hands. My plan? I am partnering to start a publishing company that will sell ebooks, for starters. Of course, I’ll keep you advised.

This is certainly a reason to turn something ‘bad’ into something ‘good.’
That’s what The Rebel Patient does.

She thrives on adversity and the sense of impending failure and doom.

She takes the negativity and turns it into positivity.

Her ‘friends’ relish the thought of seeing her fail.

She moves forward, each step of the way, striving.

Like herself, The Rebel Patient wants you to (you guessed it) …

Be the  Best Person You can Be,

Each Step of the Way!

~ Dr Margaret Aranda


I don’t know where the train tracks lead,

but I’m going to stay on them.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda



~ ~ ~

You heard it first here!

Coming Soon!

The Rebel Patient

Website and Book,

“The Rebel Patient!”


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I Am The Storm Poem


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“I am the storm” is a “frequently-used” poem.

About a year ago, I first happened across it on my Pinterest Board. Here it is:


When I read it
I almost immediately thought
that the essence
was forged from brimstone
in a firey place of untethered resolve.

~ Dr. Margaret Aranda


I loved it. It congealed with “The Rebel Patient” that I have become. And I know that it speaks to many people. It is said that Cory Booker, the American politician, wrote it.

Fight for what is right.




Join The Rebel Patient on Twitter anytime!

She’s very popular as a concept in today’s climate.


Go be a storm.

Pursue your dreams.

Be relentless.


~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading my writings.

Stay tuned for 3 more parts to this story.

You know I like sequels.

Happy Day!


Social Media Photos #1: Ten Reasons to Use Photos

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